Empowering students with a college education and tools for lifelong success.

Project One Scholarship Fund is a 501c(3) organization dedicated to expanding college education to students of lower-income, single-parent families in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Our scholarships help students attend a public college or university that their families could not otherwise afford. 

Project One is more than a scholarship fund.  It is our goal to provide students with a solid foundation that includes a college education, financial literacy, and an understanding of each student's gifts and talents as they begin to make their own mark in the world.  Students have support throughout the course of their programs and scholarship from a Project One Mentor.

We provide a four-year commitment to helping students start down the path of success.

"Having been raised by a single mother and because my life was profoundly changed through the kindness of others, I left a long career in investments to pursue my dream of helping change the lives of other children from single-parent families.  My hope is that Project One will create a cycle of change and giving that will better the lives of many for years to come." |  MORE ABOUT OUR FOUNDER »


Did You Know?

In addition to a 4-year scholarship, Project One provides each scholar with a:

  • A personal financial management course
  • A talents/gifts discovery course
  • A Charlotte-area mentor